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Wednesday 14 December 2022

Sewage Leak Cleanup in Pekin, IN
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  Sewage Leak Cleanup in Pekin, IN

24-Hour Emergency Sewage Leak Cleanup in Pekin, IN

Out of all the different types of water damage that can happen in your house, sewage backup is by far the worst. When other types of water pool around your house, you may not know at first where the water came from. There's no mistaking sewage water, however. Not only does sewage come with a terrible smell and the potential to leave stains, but it also comes with germs, microbes, and sometimes even toxic chemicals that can be harmful to anyone who comes near them.

If you've noticed sewage backing up from your toilet, shower, or any other drain, you'll want it out of your house now. We get it. Well, we have good news, because that's exactly what we're here for. You should not have to stay in a home that contains backed-up sewage, so we're here and ready to get rid of it for you. Of course, your plumber can re-open the drain so that the sewage can flow in the right direction again. However, you're going to have to remove the remaining sewage and the accompanying bacteria. ANR Restoration's proven cleaning process will do just that.

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