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Your carpets should be cleaned about once a year, even under the best of circumstances. Just like most other fabrics, your carpets will benefit from the occasional deep cleaning. You wash your clothes and blankets, so why not your carpets? Vacuum cleaners can only do so much. They work well enough for dust and crumbs, but what about the dirt that has settled into the carpet fibers? What about deep-set bacteria and other harmful substances? To tackle those problems, your best option is to hire a team of professionals to deliver a complete cleaning.

Think about what you bring into your house every day. Dirt and grime from the outside world make it into your carpet on a daily basis. Do you have pets? You may kick your shoes off at the door, but your pets certainly don't. What about kids? If you have kids, you've dealt with some spills and stains over the years. Like we said, your carpets take on the full force of whatever life brings into your house. Carpet cleaning can press the reset button and give those carpets new life.

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