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Mold Removal

Proudly Providing Mold Removal Services in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana

Mold spores are everywhere. Yes, even in the cleaner parts of your Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana home. Don't worry, though. On their own, mold spores won't do anything. However, when they come in contact with water, they sprout into mold and begin spreading. When that happens, you'll want to get help from the experts. At ANR Restoration, we handle mold remediation so that you don't have to deal with it on your own.

Don't try to deal with a major mold problem by yourself. It's one thing to spray the corner of your bathtub with a mold removal product every once in a while, but for bigger mold problems, you're going to have to hire a professional. Ordinary household mold removal products just won't do the job for bigger mold cleanup. You need industrial-level products. You also need the tools, apparel, and expertise to protect yourself from the health issues of mold. At ANR Restoration, our mold remediation team is equipped with masks, gloves, and respirators to stay safe while getting rid of mold. We also have specialized cleaning tools that can reach into smaller spaces. We know how to recognize the warning signs of mold-related health problems, so we know when it's time to step away from the problem for a few minutes.

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