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Air Duct Cleaning Process

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We prepare the HVAC system and air ducts for cleaning by sealing off the supply and return registers and turning off the power to the HVAC unit. We will also bring in our necessary equipment at this time, including our vacuum unit and hoses that lead to the truck.


We will then create access points to the air ducts by cutting holes in the supply and return main trunk lines. If access to the trunk lines is limited, we may hook our vacuum right up to one of your supply vents instead. Our powerful vacuum system creates a negative air flow during the cleaning so that dust is pulled toward the vacuum at all times. Our vacuum system captures dust and debris in its multi-stage filtration system.

Mechanical Agitation

We use an air whip tool that's connected to a high-powered compressor to loosen and remove debris and contaminants from the air ducts. Our air hose will be pushed through each supply and return vent as we work from vent to vent. If you choose to have a disinfectant, odor, or mold treatment, we use a fogger to apply the treatment at the entry of each vent connected to the system.

Final Steps

The final steps include a final inspection and then a reinstallation of all registers and the patching of access points with metal plates. These access points can be reused for future cleanings.

Before Air Duct Cleaning
Before Air Duct Cleaning
After Air Duct Cleaning
After Air Duct Cleaning

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