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Fire is perhaps the most terrifying disaster that a family can experience. Even after you put out the fire itself, the remaining damage reminds you of the fire until you restore the area. Worse, that damage is dangerous. At ANR Restoration, we can assess the damage and restore your home. When you go through a disaster as frightening as a fire, you want to return to normal as soon as you possibly can. Your team from ANR Restoration will restore and rebuild your home's damaged areas so you can get your life back.

The Dangers of Fire Damage

fire damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

Of course, fire itself is very dangerous, but as we mentioned, the resulting damage can be dangerous, too. These dangers, unfortunately, last much longer than the actual fire. Think about structural damage, for example. Fire, smoke, and the water that put out the fire can all cause structural damage. They warp and bend wood, and they weaken structural surfaces such as support beams. These surfaces become vulnerable after a fire. Sometimes, they collapse because they can't bear weight anymore. This structural damage can cause serious injury, so avoid walking in these areas if at all possible. Your restoration team can assess the structural weaknesses and figure out how dangerous the area has become.

fire damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

Second, smoke stays behind long after the fire goes away. Inhaling smoke can cause breathing problems. Some people are even allergic to certain types of smoke, depending on the burned substances. Since a lot of household materials like paint and upholstery absorb smoke, it's essential to clean the area thoroughly after a fire.

Third, fire damage can leave bacteria and other harmful substances in the home. Fire can leave your home vulnerable to dirt and germs because it weakens certain access points for bacteria. However, the most harmful damage comes from toxic chemicals. Some objects, especially electronics, release toxins such as mercury when they burn or overheat. When the inhabitants breathe in those toxins, they can face all sorts of health problems, including cancers, miscarriages, and permanent body damage.

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fire damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

What You Should Do

You should get out of the house for now, depending on the extent of the damage and what the fire used as fuel. Talk to your local fire marshal about it. When in doubt, it's best to be safe and stay at a friend's house or a hotel for a few days. Next, you should call ANR Restoration so we can get your house back to normal.

fire damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

Demolition and Repair in the Aftermath of a Fire

Once we arrive at your house, we'll assess the damage to determine our restoration plan. Some parts of the house may be damaged beyond repair. As we mentioned, these parts can be dangerous and require immediate removal. We will tear down and rebuild any replaceable structural items. We can dig out damaged plaster, insulation, and other materials. Next, we'll replace those items so that your home doesn't bear the scars of the fire.

Fire-Damaged Carpets and Upholstery

During house fires, carpets and upholstery often become major sources of fuel for that fire. Many are damaged beyond repair, so we'll get rid of those and help you replace them. However, some soft goods can be saved after a fire. These pieces sometimes look too damaged to fix, but they often have soot and ash stains buried deeply into the material. For these items, our thorough scrubbing process can usually bring the material back to its original state. You may come back to find that your carpets are even cleaner than they were before the fire.

Cleaning and Sanitation After the Fire is Out

As mentioned above, fires can leave behind toxic chemicals, bacteria, soot stains, and ash. Our cleaning process removes all of those substances, leaving your home healthy and safe. At ANR Restoration, we only use cleaning solutions proven both effective and safe. After all, we want to turn your home into a space where you can breathe freely again. If we use harmful chemicals to remove toxic chemicals, then we haven't done our job correctly. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that you, your kids, and your pets will all be safe to live and breathe inside your newly cleaned home.

water and smoke damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

Water Damage and Smoke Damage

Unfortunately, fire damage doesn't work by itself. It teams up with smoke and water to triple its impact. That's why we triple our impact, too. Smoke damage can stay long after the fire goes away. It spreads farther and sinks deeper than fire. Smoke doesn't need a fuel source to spread. It can get into several different rooms, even if the fire itself was contained to a single room. Your team from ANR Restoration has a guaranteed, step by step process to get rid of the smoke from your entire home. We promise that your house will smell clean, fresh, and absolutely smoke-free by the time we finish the job.

Furthermore, we get rid of water damage, too. Water is a double-edged sword. It may have saved your home from the fire, but after the fire is out, water can cause its own form of long-term damage. It can damage walls, wood floors, carpeting, and other materials if it stays in the house for too long. We'll remove the water and get rid of any stains and other damage that water may have caused. If the water in your home has left mold behind, we'll take care of that, too.
ANR Restoration Fire Remediation
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