Flood Damage Restoration in Sellersburg, IN

Flood Damage Restoration in the Louisville, KY, Area

Just like any other kind of water, floodwater can bring lasting damage once it enters your home. It leaves mold, rots wood paneling, and stains furniture. Flood water can arrive quickly, leaving you shocked and overwhelmed. You may not know what to do about the damage. At ANR Restoration, we understand how difficult it is to deal with sudden water damage in your home. We'll work quickly but thoroughly, getting your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Flood Damage vs. Water Damage: What's the Difference?

Standing water causes damage quickly, so you'll have to act fast. First, if the water is coming from a burst pipe, shut off the water immediately. Get your family members, especially the children, away from the water. The water may contain toxic chemicals and other waste, depending on where the water originated. Furthermore, if the water has reached your electrical sockets, anybody who touches the water risks electrocution.

Since flood damage is a type of water damage, it does have some similarities. Still, we put flood damage in its own category. Many people think that water is water, but floodwater can become more dangerous than water from a burst pipe, and it requires special attention.

So what makes floodwater so different from ordinary water? First, floods tend to bring much more water than other water-related emergencies. As a result, they leave behind even more damage than most other causes. Second, floodwater often has different contaminants than water from other sources. The water that enters your home usually didn't fall directly from the sky. Floodwater often goes through streets and sewer systems before settling down in a homeowner's basement. This means that floodwater can be full of sewage, gasoline, and all sorts of other dangerous substances. Even water that looks clear is probably unsafe and full of bacteria. Your floodwater may also contain hidden nails and other debris it picked up on its way to your house.

flood damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

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Your First Steps

flood damage restoration in Sellersburg, IN

If you have flood damage in your home, what should you do first? You'll want to act fast, but don't panic. Your first steps with floodwater will be just like the first steps with regular water damage. First, get your family, especially the children, away from the water. The water is dangerous and can make your family sick. Second, turn off all gas and electricity to the flooded area. If the water has reached your electric sockets, anybody who touches the water risks injury by electrocution. Finally, call ANR Restoration. You can reach us at any time, day or night. We'll take care of the rest.

Why Call Us

Why choose ANR Restoration for flood damage mitigation? First of all, you should never try to handle floodwater removal by yourself. Our professional team has been trained in all sorts of safety precautions, and we know how to handle the dangers of floodwater. Furthermore, water damage is often a bigger problem than you think it is. Water goes everywhere. It gets underneath carpets and sneaks behind walls. Far too many homeowners have tried to get rid of water damage themselves only to realize the full scope of the problem when it was too late. Don't let that scenario happen to your home.

At ANR Restoration, we use top of the line equipment for floodwater removal and damage mitigation. We'll use this equipment to restore your home as quickly as possible while staying thorough and paying attention to detail. We treat your home with as much care and concern as we would with our own homes, going beyond the surface to get rid of all the damage.

Water Removal

So what goes into our process? We start by getting rid of all of the standing water. As we mentioned, we use top-level equipment to do so, which means that we can minimize the water damage and save you from a fair amount of hassle. Once we've removed the standing water, we make sure that the entire space is completely dry. Even a small amount of water can continue to cause damage for a long time, so it's essential to remove all of it. We know that just because a space looks dry doesn't mean the job is done. We don't do anything halfway.

Sanitation and Mold Removal


Once we've gotten rid of all of the water, we'll clean and sanitize the space, which is especially important when it comes to floodwater damage. We've already mentioned the health hazards that come from floodwater. Our thorough sanitation process removes those hazards so you and your family can safely enter the space again.

We also get rid of the mold. Standing water activates mold spores, and the longer the water stands, the worse your mold problem will become. It's essential to remove mold quickly and to remove all of the mold. Mold grows and spreads, so if you don't remove all of it, you may have mold in your home for years. However, you should never try to get rid of a large mold problem by yourself. Prolonged exposure to mold is dangerous. It can cause headaches, breathing issues, and all sorts of other health problems. Those who already have allergies or asthma are especially vulnerable to mold-related illnesses.

The mold cleanup process releases mold spores into the air. The good news is that the team at ANR Restoration has all of the necessary safety equipment needed to remove mold without putting anybody at risk.

Repair and Replace

Your ANR Restoration team will assess the flood damage to figure out how much we can save. What we can salvage depends on how long the standing water has been in your home. If we can save your carpets and woodwork, we'll clean and restore them. If not, we'll replace them.

Meanwhile, we'll keep you updated on the entire process. Aside from your family's safety, your satisfaction is our top priority. We'll do everything in our power to make sure that you're happy with your newly restored space.

Flood Damage Restoration
If you have flood damage in your house, don't wait. The longer the water stands, the more damage it will cause. Let the experts at ANR Restoration restore your home to its pre-flood condition. Call us now at (812) 246-8791 . Our emergency service is here for you.
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