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Has your home ever experienced a burst pipe? If you've ever helplessly watched as water pooled around your washing machine, you know the pain of being a homeowner. You're not the only one who has been through this mess. Plenty of other homeowners have been in your wet shoes before. Still, that doesn't make a burst pipe any less frustrating or painful. ANR Restoration is here to help. We'll take care of the water damage so you can get back to life as usual.

Fast Action is the Key to Limiting the Damage!

Our Water Damage Services Include the Following:

Unexpected Flooding

Heavy Rain or Storm Damage

Leaking Roofs

Backed-Up Sewer Drain

Dishwasher or Washing Machine Overflows

Overflowing Toilets

Bathtubs or Sinks

Hot Water Tank Floods

Crawlspace or Basement Water Damage

Sump Pump Failures

Why Do Pipes Burst?

Unexpected pipe bursts often happen in the winter when temperatures drop below the freezing level. Water expands when it freezes, and the water inside your pipes is no exception. The expanding ice weakens the pipes and creates blockages until cracks appear, causing leaking and flooding.

When it comes to burst pipes, just like with most things, prevention is always the best option. When temperatures dip below the freezing point, make sure your pipes stay warm enough to keep the water flowing freely. Keep your home at a reasonably warm temperature, and allow warm air to flow wherever your home has water pipes. For instance, you can leave open the cabinet doors under your sinks to allow heat to reach the pipes. You should also let your water to drip during the winter months.

Preventing burst pipes gets trickier when you're dealing with unheated spaces. A washing machine in your basement or garage, for example, puts your house at risk for burst pipes. Still, you do have some prevention options. You can insulate your unheated spaces and even wrap the pipes themselves to keep them from getting too cold.

All of these prevention methods become especially important if you're planning to leave the house for a day or more. If a pipe bursts while you're away, you'll have a major problem by the time you get back. If possible, have someone you trust check on your house every once in a while during your trip.

burst water pipe repair and cleanup in Sellersburg, IN

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Handling a Burst Pipe

burst water pipe repair and cleanup in Sellersburg, IN

But what should you do if a pipe has already burst? The first thing you need to do is stop the water flow. You can turn it off by using the water valve that's connected to the pipe or the appliance. Next, if the leak has caused a lot of standing water, mold, or water damage, give us a call. The longer you wait to handle the problem, the worse it will become. A quick response often means the difference between salvaging your furniture and having to replace it. Once the area is dry, a pipe repair specialist can fix the leak.

When Appliances Break Down

Water damage can also be cause by something completely unrelated to the weather. A broken water heater may leak water all over your floor. Your refrigerator's cooling system may also cause water damage. Leaking refrigerators generally occur due to blocked drain holes or your drain pan may be cracked. Whatever the cause, the resulting water damage requires restoration. Other appliances who may be the cause of your water damage include washing machines and dishwashers. Basically, if you have an appliance with any sort of pipe or hose, you may have to deal with an appliance breakdown. If you aren't sure of the cause of your water damage, you can rest assured knowing that the expert technicians at ANR Restoration will be able to diagnose the source of the leak and then manage the restoration process to avoid further damage.  

Handling the Water Damage

If you notice the problem as soon as the pipe bursts, you can turn the water off right away, and you can deal with the water by merely toweling the area dry. However, if you don't catch the leak right away, you may end up with a lot of standing water in your home. If you're dealing with a lot of water, ANR Restoration can get rid of it. Sometimes, a wet vacuum is enough to remove the water, but if you have flooding in your basement, we'll use a pump to get the job done. After that, we'll completely dry the space to prevent mold growth and other hazards.

Once we've dried the area, we'll assess the water damage. As we mentioned, the longer the water has been in a space, the worse the damage will be. Water can stain carpets and leech the color from upholstery. It warps and rots wood, making it dangerous and unusable. Thankfully, your team from ANR Restoration understands how to handle all of these problems. We'll restore the things we can and help you replace the things we can't.

If the water remained long enough to cause mold growth, our mold remediation service will bring the area back to its original, pristine condition.

Why Call ANR Restoration

When you have water damage, it's always best to call a professional service, but why call ANR Restoration specifically? If you live in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana, ANR Restoration is by far your best choice for water damage restoration. First of all, we respond and get to work quickly. Because your safety and satisfaction are so important to us, we commit to getting to work right away when you have a problem. You can call us at any time during the day or at night. If you have an emergency after business hours, somebody from our emergency phone service will always be available to pick up your call. We're even available to handle emergencies during holidays.

Once we arrive, we'll do our job thoroughly. From the initial assessment to the final inspection, we do every step in the process with care and attention. We know that when it comes to water damage, cutting corners now means dealing with long-term issues later.

Finally, we have the reviews and certifications to prove that you can trust us with the job. The IICRC has certified our firm and each of our team members because we have the training and experience to handle all types of home damage. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau says that we're committed to fairness, respect, and a job well done.

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