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Out of all the different types of water damage that can happen in your house, sewage backup is by far the worst. When other types of water pool around your home, you may not know at first where the water originated. There's no mistaking sewage water, however. Sewage comes with a terrible smell and the potential to leave stains. It also comes with germs, microbes, and sometimes even toxic chemicals harmful to anyone who comes near them.

If you've noticed sewage backing up from your toilet, shower, or any other drain, you'll want it out of your house now. We get it. Well, we have good news because that's exactly why we're here. You should not have to stay in a home that contains backed-up sewage, so we're here and ready to get rid of it for you. Of course, your plumber can re-open the drain so that the wastewater can flow in the right direction again. However, you're going to have to remove the remaining sewage and the accompanying bacteria. ANR Restoration's proven cleaning process will do just that.

What Causes Sewage Backup?

So why in the world are your pipes flowing in the wrong direction? In some cases, a tree might be the culprit. If you have weakened and cracked sewage pipes, tree roots can dig into those pipes, blocking the pathways and forcing the contents to flow backward. In that case, you'll need a pipe repair service. In some other situations, a larger issue with the city's main sewer system can cause problems in individual homes. The city is in charge of fixing the pipe issue.

More often than not, however, sewage backup is caused by improper disposal. For example, the only paper item that should go down the toilet is toilet paper. You should avoid dropping tissues and other sanitary products into the toilet. These items don't dissolve in water the way toilet paper was designed to do. When you get too many of these items in the same pipe, they can cause a blockage. Of course, your toilet isn't the only drain in your house that can cause backup issues. Improper kitchen disposal can also lead to a backup. If you pour hot grease down the garbage disposal, for instance, that grease will solidify as soon as it cools off, creating a blockage within the pipe. Just like with tree roots, those blockages mean the sewage now has nowhere else to go, so it travels back up its original path.

Before/After Sewage Backup Cleanup/Repair by ANR Restoration

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For your family's health and safety, it's imperative to take action right away. You know that sewage carries bacteria and other illness-causing microbes that can get into the air. Since bacteria work quickly, so should you. Give us a call as soon as possible. We have an emergency line you can reach during non-business hours. While you wait for us to arrive – and you won't have to wait long – keep your family far away from the site of the backup. In spite of the unpleasant smell, young kids may want to check out the situation out of curiosity. Explain to the children that they could get sick and move them away from the sewage.

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What We Do

Thankfully, we can clean up the situation and get the area looking brand new again. More importantly, we'll make the area safe and sanitary. The first thing we'll do is remove the sewage. Our method of removal will depend on how much wastewater is standing in your house, but often, a wet vacuum is enough.

Next, we'll clean the hard surfaces, thoroughly disinfecting them. If the sewage has reached any carpeting or upholstery, we'll then use our specialized cleaning and disinfecting method for soft surfaces.

Why Call Us

You should never, ever try to deal with sewage cleanup on your own. Ordinary household cleaners will not do the job. Those cleaners were meant for everyday spills and stains, not major biohazard cleanup. Even worse, you could become seriously ill in the process of trying to clean up. As we mentioned above, the bacteria from sewage can end up in the surrounding air. At ANR Restoration, we have all of the cleaning products, tools, and procedures that one needs to remove sewage-related bacteria from different surfaces. Other products might make your surfaces look clean, but our process makes sure your home truly becomes clean. Furthermore, we have the proper attire and masks to handle the cleanup process without risking our health or anybody else's health.

When sewage gets into your home, you want to make sure that the cleanup job gets done. What you don't want is a company that will take shortcuts and ignore your family's well-being. We don't take that route here at ANR Restoration. Since we understand the risks that come with open sewage in a home, we make sure we always do a thorough job. Still, while we always perform a full disinfection, we also only use chemicals that are proven safe – safe for you and your family, that is. They're decidedly less safe from the germs and microbes.

When you call us about a sewage backup problem, we arrive quickly and get to work right away. We'll bring along the same skills and expertise that earned us our certification from the IICRC and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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I cannot express how grateful I am to Jeff and his fabulous team. My heroes! Sewer backed up from the torrential rain last night, late in the evening. I was in tears trying to find someone to help. The mess was awful. Jeff responded immediately, and was here within an hour. They worked till 1:30am. Pleasant, courteous, and sympathetic. Thanks guys! You’re the best.

– Elaine Kyro, Google Review

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If you live in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana, then ANR Restoration is your best choice when it comes to sewage backup cleanup. When this type of disaster arrives, somebody has to be willing to step up. Allow us to handle the problem so that you don't have to. Visit our Contact Us page to get an estimate, or use our emergency phone number at (812) 246-8791.

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