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Thursday 6 June 2019

How To Clean Your Fragile Furniture

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We love our furniture. It's what makes our home feel like a home. Sometimes, though, we take our fragile pieces of furniture for granted. Yes, most of what we use can take a beating. We have animals that like to sit on the couches, kids that spill things, and days we just want to lounge around. But we do need to take care of our furniture if we want it to last. Upholstery cleaning is an important part of that.

Vacuum Regularly

When you vacuum your floors, make sure you vacuum your furniture as well. This applies especially to your couches, mattresses, and other big items. Vacuuming helps to get rid of the crumbs that accumulate as well as dust, dirt, and even hair. While this is only cleaning the surface, it keeps particles from being ground into the fabric. The more you can prevent deep messes, the better.

Spot Clean

After a spill, do your best to spot clean. Smaller spills can be dried with towels and maybe a stain remover spray. This also means not letting stains sit for long periods of time. Stains do sink into the fabric and can be hard to remove if left to dry. Plus, whatever was spilled with be absorbed into the fabric as well. Acting quickly could stop some of the damage from occurring. Remember, you can only turn a couch cushion over once.

Yearly Professional Cleaning

Once a year, your upholstery will thank you for giving it a professional cleaning. With the right tools and stronger cleaners, restoration companies can restore your upholstery to its former glory. Whites will be whiter; pillows will be fluffier. Certified technicians know how best to handle your furniture so as to not cause further damage. You can trust that even your most fragile pieces will look like new after cleaning.

Restoration After a Disaster

Even after all this, a storm can ruin everything. Flood water and smoke stain upholstery beyond what we see with everyday use. Sometimes the stains cause more damage than can be repaired, but you'd be surprised what technicians can accomplish with upholstery cleaning. Call a restoration company as soon as you are safely able to after a disaster so that the restoration process can happen as soon as possible. Your furniture can be saved.

Whether you need an annual cleaning or help after a disaster, ANR Restoration is there for all of your upholstery cleaning and general restoration needs. Call us today for an appointment at 812-220-0671.