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Thursday 18 April 2019

What Causes A Sewage Backup?

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A sewage backup isn't like your typical water damage problem. For one thing, it usually comes with a terrible odor. For another, the water is not clear and can leave stains. Sewage can bring with it toxins, chemicals, and a whole lot of other bad stuff that you don't want living in your house. You might see sewage backup in your toilet, shower, sink, or by outside drains. But do you know what's causing the backup? Read below.

Improper Disposal Through Drains

The most common cause of sewage backup is improper disposal. Nothing but paper should be flushed down your toilet. Feminine hygiene products, plastic, food, and anything else flushed down a toilet can cause a backup in your pipes, making it hard for what you flush to leave your house. In addition, using the garbage disposal can cause backups if you aren't careful. Never use the disposal for large pieces of food or oil. These, too, will cause blockages that will prevent proper drainage.

City Drain Issue

Sometimes, the city will run into draining issues. It's not something that comes directly from your house, but is a drain issue deep underground. This could be from a storm, a crack, or some type of accident within the city drains. When this happens, it's the city's job to address the issue. You should look to your local stations for guidance and support.

Believe it or Not, Trees!

Yes, you read that right. With trees that are close to your house, roots can sometimes get in the way of your drains. A tree can cause just as many draining issues as a clogged toilet! When that happens, your first priority will need to be removing the tree root and repairing the cracked plumbing.

Call A Restoration Company Immediately

Once you have dealt with the plumbing issue, your next priority will be restoration and sanitization. A restoration company will be able to do everything themselves. Sewage that's backed up will need to be removed safely so that it doesn't spread further in your house. Then comes disinfecting the area. Whether it's contained to your toilet or has spread into living areas of your house, disinfecting is critical to your family's safety as well as your own.

If you are having an issue with sewage backup, call ANR Restoration to get it fixed. We are around to take your call 24/7 and can handle all sewage backup issues. Call us today at (812) 220-0671.