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Thursday 11 April 2019

What Exactly Can I Expect from Emergency Services?

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When your home is hit by a disaster, you won't want to deal with companies that stick to business hours. Emergency services exist to help you no matter the time of day, the type of disaster, or what your needs are. You want a restoration company that is always prepared to help you. Here's what you can expect from emergency services.

Property Damage

Property damage can happen at any time of day, but we see it happen a lot at night. We want you to feel safe in your home and fix any entry points that may have been tampered with. Whether it was an attempted burglary or a tree that fell on your roof, emergency services are available 24/7 to repair your property. If the damage will take multiple days to fix, we can at least do temporary patchwork to protect your home from any outside elements.

Water Damage

You don't want to sleep on water damage. Whether it's from a flood or a pipe that's leaking, you'll want someone to assess the damage right away. The longer you leave water standing, the more damage it can do. Not to mention, water can carry harmful bacteria that gets worse the longer it has to sit. Emergency services will come at any time of day to assess the water damage and dry the affected area before fully disinfecting it of bacteria, mold, and other damage.

Fire and Smoke Damage

House fires are scary, and they can do a lot of damage. After you've called 911 and had the fire department put out the fire, you're left with a house that may not be inhabitable. Not only did the fire leave a trail of burns, but there's water damage from the fire being put out, and also smoke damage. Did you know that smoke travels farther than fire? So even if the fire was contained to one room, smoke could have damaged any surrounding areas.

Emergency services will be able to inspect your home to see if it's in a livable condition. Whether you can live in your home right away or need to stay elsewhere, a restoration team will begin removing any debris and salvaging items that aren't beyond repair. They will let you know when your home is safe to live in again.

You should expect a lot from your emergency services team. They'll be there for you at a moment's notice and can walk you through the job step by step. That's why you should hire ANR Restoration. We are a 24/7 restoration company that specializes in emergency services. Call us today at (812) 220-0671.