Four Benefits To Choosing A Professional Service For Mold Removal Even If You Don’t Have Black Mold

Posted on January 8, 2018 by ANR Restoration

You may have heard that black mold is toxic but other molds aren't such a big deal. Unfortunately, mold isn't quite that well color-coded (if only life actually were that simple!) and it's important to take a mold infestation seriously. Often this means hiring a professional mold remediation expert to deal with the problem. Here are four benefits of choosing a reputable professional for a mold problem even if it's not black mold.

1. Getting to the root of the problem

Your first impulse on seeing a mold-spotted wall may be to douse it with bleach, but the problem with this is that bleach doesn't reach past the surface. (Or your first instinct may be to get everyone out of the house, then burn it to the ground. Don't do that either.)

2. Finding and dealing with any structural damage

Although it does look kind of gross, mold doesn't look like something that could eat your house from the inside; and yet, that's exactly what it does. The part of the mold that you can see is only there to release spores- the rest of the fungus grows inside the material it's living on. Over time, the fungus feeds on the cellulose and other organic matter inside your wall, which breaks down its structure until it's unsafe and needs replacement.

Professional mold remediation can include detection and assessment of such damage, as well as removal of any structural items that may not appear damaged to the casual observer but are still quite deteriorated inside.

3. Making sure your air is safe to breathe again

Because the visible part of the mold is the fruiting body, you can be sure that there are thousands of mold spores in your air by the time you uncover your mold problem. That's why professional mold remediators have to take vigorous measures to restore your air quality. These measures can include:

  • Killing the mold at its source, then using encapsulation to make sure any remaining spores in the area can't spread further
  • Closing off the moldy space before starting to prevent further air contamination in your home
  • Cleaning the air with high-quality HEPA filters to scrub the remaining mold spores out of your home's air supply
  • Using dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, especially in cases involving water damage

Not only do these measures help keep you safe from mold spores that can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and cold-like symptoms, they also help reduce the likelihood of having mold settle in somewhere else in your house.

4. Preventing a reoccurrence

In addition to the above measures, which help clean not only the moldy area but also the surrounding air thoroughly, so a recurrence isn't likely to happen soon, a mold remediation professional can help you figure out how to keep mold away for good.

Of course, there's the easy advice about keeping the humidity down and so on, but a professional can also take a look around your house and let you know if there are any spots in particular that you need to be wary of. They can also give you pointers on how to take extra precautions- whether that means using electric fans to increase airflow behind large pieces of furniture or improving the air filtration system in your house.