Holiday Hazards

Posted November 15, 2019 on by ANR Restoration

A structural fire is a disaster at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays.  Unfortunately, this time of year is prime time for ...
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Pets During Restoration

Posted October 15, 2019 on by ANR Restoration

You’ve experienced a fire or water damage in your home.  Your house is still standing, everyone is safe, and restoration is underwa...
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Things Your Insurance Agent Didn't Tell You

Posted September 15, 2019 on by ANR Restoration

Most homeowners and renters know they need to have insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, most don’t know what their policy covers or doesn&rs...
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Sump Pump It Up

Posted August 15, 2019 on by ANR Restoration

Do you know about your sump pump and its importance in your home? And do you know if you’re covered by your insurance if you run into issues...
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