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When a window shatters, it can leave your home more vulnerable than you ever imagined. This kind of disaster can turn a home from a safe, protected environment to a center of uncertainty. To make matters even worse, you may have to wait for a week or more before somebody can fix your broken window. If a weather-related disaster shattered the glass, you may find yourself on a waiting list. If you don't have a lot of window repair options where you live, you have no choice but to wait.

Thankfully, board up services can stand in the gap while you wait for your window repairs. A board up service is precisely what it sounds like. A professional will come to your home, assess the damage, and then fit a board into the window that will stay secure until your repair service finally arrives. If you do need board up services, ANR Restoration is here and ready to provide.

Boarding Up Broken Windows

Window glass can shatter for a lot of different reasons. Storms are one of the more common causes. Sometimes the more intense storms cause too much pressure to beat against windows, causing many of those windows to break into tiny pieces.

However, the weather isn't the only cause of broken windows. An accident such as a stray frisbee or golf ball can break a window. Though rarer, sometimes windows break because of a criminal act like vandalism or attempted robbery. Whatever the cause of your shattered window, you'll want to close the opened space as quickly as possible.

window board up services in Sellersburg, IN

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Board Up Services to Protect Against the Elements and Intruders

In the case of shattered windows, one disaster can easily lead to another. A broken window means a weak entry point in your house. Without the right protection for your home, a criminal could easily enter the house to hurt or rob the people living inside. This is especially true at night when the darkness gives criminals even more advantages.

Without window protection, your home is also vulnerable to weather damage. For example, rainy weather can bring water stains and mold to the upholstery that surrounds the inside of the window. Small animals might also seek shelter in your house if there's nothing to stop them.

All of these possibilities can leave you feeling like you're spinning out of control. Board up services help you regain that control. You can protect yourself and your family from all of these secondary disasters so that you can focus on fixing the primary disaster the window.

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Save Money with Board Up Services

Having temporary boards over your broken windows can help you save money. By preventing the disasters we mentioned above, you can save yourself the cost of fixing them. Many insurance companies require or prefer that use a board up service before they'll allow you to get the most out of your claim. If you have a shattered window, call your insurance company to find out if they have a policy about window boarding.

Finally, window boarding will help you save money on your utility bills. When a window shatters, you have two choices when it comes to your heating and cooling. (1) Turn them off and suffer the temperatures, or (2) watch your energy bills skyrocket as your system struggles to keep up. Well, those are your choices if you don't board up the window anyway. Your best option is to have the window boarded and use your heating or cooling system as you usually would.

Board Up Services for Disaster Prevention

Of course, we already delved into preventing secondary disasters, but you can also have your windows boarded to avoid shattering in the first place. If a major storm such as a tornado is on the radar, you might consider having the windows boarded as a preventative measure. A board can take on the pressure of a storm much better than a window can.

board up services in Sellersburg, IN

Why You Should Call ANR Restoration for Board Up Services

Why should you call ANR Restoration when you need a board up service? Because we provide the best choice for those who live in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. We have the tools and the resources needed for boarding a window at a moment's notice. First of all, when you need your windows boarded, time is everything. You'll want to protect your home as quickly as you possibly can. When you call us, we can arrive right away and get to work. The sooner your windows are boarded, the sooner you can relax a little when it comes to your window choices. Without a boarding service, you may be forced to replace your window quickly with a cheap, fast option that will just shatter again the next time a storm shows up. If you get a board put over your window right away, you can take some time to look into your best window options.

Second, the team at ANR Restoration has durable, superior tools and materials. Sure, we'll show up quickly, but that doesn't mean that we won't put care into our efforts. We understand that window boarding is only a temporary solution you'll use before you find something more permanent. Some board up companies take this to mean they can be careless about the boarding process. At ANR Restoration, however, we provide our board up service with just as much attention and care as we promise with our other services. Our business is deeply rooted in the fact that your home matters, and we want to help you protect it.

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