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Soot Damage Restoration

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You don't need a full-blown fire to have smoke and soot damage and other odors in your home. Sure, an accidental fire will definitely leave behind smoke, but a closed fireplace flue can send smoke throughout your living room. A spill in the oven can clog your kitchen with smoke. No matter what caused the smoke smell, getting rid of it can be frustrating. When you've been exposed to smoke for more than a few minutes, you get used to the smell. This makes the cleaning process difficult because you won't be able to tell whether you truly got rid of the smell or if your nose simply got used to it. Furthermore, most homeowners don't have the right tools and equipment to thoroughly cleanse the house of smoke.

Still, it's important to remove the smoke completely. Smoke causes health problems, especially respiratory problems. Children, pets, and elderly family members may experience more sensitivity to the smoke. Furthermore, the longer you allow the smoke to stay, the more difficult it is to remove. If you call ANR Restoration, we'll alleviate the frustration and speed up the smoke removal process.

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soot damage restoration